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Top-Picked Tours

Top-Picked Tours

We have handpicked and curated a shortlist of some of the best tours and attractions that meet a variety of your travel interests.

No Planning Needed

No Planning Needed

Some of the most memorable moments are the ones you didn't plan at all. Choose your destination, select your tour, and GO!

Best Prices Guaranteed!

Best Prices Guaranteed!

Whym provides last-minute tickets and deals on tours, events and activities you love. Explore and book attractions, and guided tours while out-and-about.

#Whymming 101

Our app is really easy to use. In just 3 easy steps, you can go from "Guh, I'm so bored" to "I can't believe I'm in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon!"

Step 1

Step 1 Explore

In the city of your choice, scroll through some of the best tours and attractions in the area. Choose wisely. Or, don't. I mean, they're all pretty awesome.


Step 2 Customize

Punch in how many tickets you'll need, and what time you want to go.

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Step 3

Step 3 Get Hyped!

Once you've paid for your tickets, you can find them in "My Purchases", and/or in your email! Make sure we're not in your junk folder, though, or you might forget your tickets. And that's lame.


Whymmable Cities

We went ahead and snagged a few cities for you to have fun in, with more on the way. You're welcome.

London, England
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
San Francisco, USA
Rome, Italy
Los Angeles, USA
San Diego, USA
Las Vegas, USA
New York, USA
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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At this point you should've determined that Whym App is a total necessity for last-minute travel fun and discounts. If you haven't, download it anyway and believe. Believe!

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